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This website is dedicated to the development of water buffalo resources in Nepal. Important information relating to their population, genetics, production, health and environment are posted here as its pages develop over time. The materials made available here can be freely cited and used for teaching, research and development purposes provided adequate credits are given to the source of information.


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   >>> Lead review article
  >>> Conservation and Utilization of indigenous buffalo genetic resources
>>> Proceedings of the Workshop on Animal Recording for Improved Breeding and Management Strategies for Buffaloes (Bled, Slovenia, 16-17 May 2000), Eds: Moioli et al., International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) Technical Series No. 4 [PDF file]
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>>> The Wild Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis arnee)

>>> Bubalus bubalis:Journal of Buffalo Science and Technique (Italy). This Website has other [Links].

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The webmaster invites authors who have published articles on Terai buffalo and/or any other indigenous breed/landrace of Nepal to send in their abstracts by email for posting in relevant pages of this website. 

This website is created and maintained by Dr. D.P. Rasali,
a veterinarian, animal geneticist and livestock systems analyst from Nepal.

You can reach the webmaster through: info@buffaloreview.20m.com

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