Chromosomal aberrations in indigenous buffalo of western hills in Nepal

A number of chromosomal aberrations such as chromatin break (CB as shown in K below), marker like chromosome (mar as shown in O), premature centromeric divisions (arrows as shown in P), variant 4p+ chromosome (as shown in L), variant 3p+ (as shown in N) and chromatid gap in X chromosome (as shown in Q) were found in a karyotyping survey of indigenous buffalo in the western hills of Nepal (Rasali et al., 1998). These findings indicate the existence of a number of genetic disorders in the indigenous hill buffalo population of Nepal warranting further investigation.    




Rasali, D.P., Joshi, H.D., Patel, R.K. and Harding, A.H. 1998. Phenotypic clusters and karyotypes of indigenous buffaloes in the western hills of Nepal. Nepal Agricultural Research Council,  . Lumle Agricultural Research Station, Kaski, Nepal. Technical Paper No. 98/2. pp. 24.


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